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Islamic Banking and Finance

HiMY SYeD at Islamic Finance World 2007
HiMY SYeD is one of the unsung heroes of Islamic Finance whose story is yet to be told.
– Rushdi Siddiqui, Founder: Dow Jones Islamic Market Indices;
Global Head of Islamic Finance, Thomson Reuters

HiMY is the most informed Islamic Finance analyst I have ever met.
– Ibrahim Daniel, Co-Founder: Salaam Financial & Amana Holdings Canada

Mr. Syed is one of the most informed Canadians, if not the most informed, on the issue of Islamic finance.
– Faisal Kutty, Kutty Syed & Mohamed

  • Toronto based Islamic banking and Finance since 1992.
  • Founder of IslamBank.com/unity the largest Islamic Banking website. Online since 1997, IslamBank.com was the first independent Islamic banking and finance website. It remains the website of record for the Islamic banking Industry – being one of the most comprehensive databases and access portals on Islamic and other faith-based home finance instruments, legislative and regulatory rulings, as well as terms and definitions
  • Founded Canadian Islamic Bankers Lariba Association, Industry Association for Islamic Banks
  • Retained as Senior Legal Researcher, Islamic Financial Services Group, Kutty Syed & Mohamed
  • Extensive experience organizing Islamic Finance events, facilitating meetings and discussions
  • Excellent research skills and extensive first hand knowledge of Islamic Home Financing
  • Worked at the Islamic Co-Operative Housing Corporation (ICHC) Ltd. Based in Toronto, ICHC designed the first interest-free house financing models of the modern era, 1992 – 1996.
  • One on one Marketing of ICHC’s Islamic home financing services across Canada, 1992 – 1996.
  • Consultant to Salam Financial, May 2003
  • Research, review and proof reading of time-sensitive legal documents for submission to public inquiries, Parliamentary committees, and the Supreme Court of Canada.


  • Experience in drafting media advisories and press releases, staging press conferences and working with media contacts prior to event, scrums and post reporting follow-up.
  • Being involved in civil rights work since the events of 9/11, have gained experience during crisis communications, providing an understanding of how to preempt and provide “damage control” when media sensationalizes and misrepresents an issue or concern related to my organization.


  • As team leader during the 2001 census, used knowledge of immigrant and marginalized communities to build instant rapport and trust with households who had not answered the census. Lead team of 10 census takers into problem neighbourhoods and achieved near 100% reporting for all assigned addresses, an increase of 32% from the best previous results.

Community Economic Development and Engagement

  • Interest-Free house financing for observant Muslims and others who wish to avoid usury.
  • The Toronto Dollar operates without paid staff and functions with an active board. As vice-president, provided support to organization consistent with duties of an executive director.


By organizing numerous Islamic Finance related events over 15 years, have developed best practices checklist for event management and logistics. Best practices checklist includes:

  • Uncovering, identifying and prioritizing all variables related to event
  • Matching venue appropriate to event needs
  • Short listing participants, program partners and publicity options
  • Securing funding of event expenses from project partners, donors or in-kind contributors
  • Determination of date and timing with least number of scheduling conflicts for audience and media coverage
  • creation and distribution of event details in print and electronic outlets


Executive Director – Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association, Scarborough, 2005-2010.

Senior Legal Researcher – Kutty, Syed & Mohamed Law Office, Scarborough, 2003-2010.

Independent Photojournalist – Community and public archive of 60,000+ photographs, 1992-present.

Founding Editor – TorontoWiki.org, a city wiki emphasizing neighbourhoods, 2006-present.

Database Administration and Web Design – Self-Employed and Contract, 1999-2004.

Census Team Leader – Statistics Canada, problem neighbourhoods, Toronto, summer 2001.

Director of Research and Development – Sprint Computer, Ottawa, winter 1998-1999.

Customer Care Associate – Sprint Canada Long Distance, North York, 1997-1998

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing – ISL Software, Toronto and Houston, 1992-1996

Administrative Assistant – Ontario New Home Warranty Program, summer 1993.


IslamBank.Community – Founded the leading independent Islamic Banking website, 1997-present

Senior Legal Researcher – Islamic Financial Services Group, Kutty Syed & Mohamed, 2003-2010

Toronto Dollar Community Currency – Vice-President and Board Member, 2006-2007

Islamic Co-Operative Housing Corporation – Education, fundraising, marketing, 1992-1996


Next Economy MBA (Candidate), Lift Economy, San Francisco, California. January 2018 – September 2018

CED Certificate, Program for Community Economic Development, Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. October 2016 – May 2017

Certificate of Achievement, Islamic Banking & Finance 101, Islamic Finance Advisory Board, Toronto, Canada. August 2008.

Certificate of Achievement, Seminar Introduction to Islamic Finance, Islamic Finance Advisory Board, Toronto, Canada. July 2008.

Post Graduate Diploma course in Islamic banking and insurance (Candidate), Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI), London, England.

Certificate of completion, The Orientation Course on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance. The Islamic Foundation, Islamic Economics Unit. Markfield, Leicester, United Kingdom. September 1997.

Undergraduate studies in Islamic Banking, Finance and Economics. American Islamic College, Chicago, Illinois. 1990.



“Islamic Finance in Canada: Current Status, Regulatory Hurdles and Future Prospects.” This article surveys the Canadian Islamic Finance landscape and then proceeds to analyze the existing regulatory hurdles and complications both from a legal as well as an Islamic perspective.


Industry Analyst of Islamic Finance, IslamBank.Community, 1997-present

Founder IslamBank.Community ,

2003-2010 – Senior Legal Researcher, Islamic Financial Services Group, Kutty Syed & Mohamed

2007 – Co-authored Academic Research Paper on Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance in Canada (unpublished)

2003 – Provided consultation to major Canadian Bank on how to structure an Islamic Banking window

1998 – Advisor to major Canadian bank representative on retail Islamic Banking window (potential)

1997 – Founded IslamBank.Community, the first Islamic Banking & Islamic Finance website online

1994 – Edited, published and marketed across Canada 2nd edition, USURY: The Root cause of Injustice in our Time , People Against Interest-Debt (P.A.I.D.) Publications

1992 – 1996 – Islamic Co-operative Housing Corporation – Office staff duties and outside marketing, education of Islamic home financing model

1989-1990 – Undergraduate Studies in Islamic Banking (incomplete degree), American Islamic College, Chicago, Illinois

1988 – Research and development of an interest-free bank model under Canadian law

1986 – Research and development of Islamic Credit/Debit Card model for North American market


Islamic Finance, Islamic Finance News, CIMB Islamic, Toronto, November 2010, Panelist and Speaker

Islamic Finance Roadshow, Islamic Finance News, CIMB Islamic, New York City, October 2008, Panelist and Speaker

Islamic Banking & Finance Seminar, Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto, Ontario, Friday, May 25 2007.

Islamic Finance World North America, The Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Canada, May 22 – 24 2007.

3rd International Islamic Banking, Finance & Insurance (Takaful) Conference, Congress Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, May 17-18, 2007.

Islamic Financing, Last Will, Inheritance & Zakat Seminar, Jami Mosque, Toronto, May 31 2003.

Islamic Banking and Finance in America, Chicago, Illinois, September 1-4, 2001.

International Business and Trade Forum, Chicago, Illinois, August 30-September 3, 2001.

International Islamic Banking Conference, Houston, Texas, May 1998.

Orientation Course of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, the Islamic Foundation, Markfield Conference Centre, Markfield, Leicester, United Kingdom, September 1997.

2nd International Islamic Banking and Finance Conference, Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, June 1997.

1st International Islamic Banking Conference, Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, May 1995.

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