The Peoples' Mayor ~ Syed For Toronto

Civil Rights and Human Rights

Executive Director – Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association, Scarborough, 2005-2010

Legal Research and Public Policy Work

● Legal research, consultation, vetting and policy work for a coalition of twenty-seven civil and human rights groups which made submissions to the Canadian government on its recently implemented “no-fly” list known as the Passenger Protect Program.

● Legal research, consultation, vetting and policy work for a coalition of civil and human rights groups which made submissions to Parliamentary Committees on Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act prior to its enactment and during its review.

● Legal research, vetting for two interveners at the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182 and the Iacobucci Inquiry looking into issues of national security.

● Legal research, consultation, vetting and policy work for a number of the leading finance companies offering Islamic financial products and services in Canada. Several of the major financial institutions and law firms have started to explore the Islamic finance market.

● Vetting of consultation document by the Ontario Attorney General’s office on changes to Hate Crimes laws, faith-based arbitration (Family Statute Law Amendment Act, 2005) and the Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2006.

● Have extensively researched anti-terror laws, national security, civil rights, human rights, intelligence/law enforcement accountability and oversight as well as state/community relations and interaction, providing feedback and informed opinion to general counsel of the CMCLA.

Cultural Sensitivity

As team leader for Statistics Canada during the 2001 census, used knowledge of immigrant and marginalized communities to build instant rapport and trust with households who had not answered the census. Lead team of 10 census takers into problem neighbourhoods across Toronto and achieved near 100% reporting for all assigned addresses, an increase of 32% from the best previous results.

Support for victims of Gun Violence

2005/6 Founded Yonge Street Peace , organized candlelight vigils to highlight awareness about Boxing Day shooting of Jane Creba and all 52 murder victims during Toronto’s “Summer of the gun”

Creative use of Art in defense of Civil and Human rights

2005 – Created world’s first and largest Dog Labyrinth , highlighting potential diminution of animal owners’ rights in The Beaches neighbourhood, Kew Beach, Toronto

2004/5 – Organized worldwide Tsunami Global Vigil for the Global Vigil, bringing awareness to Boxing Day Tsunami, relief efforts, human dignity for victims and survivors. Culminated in recreating a giant map of the Indian Ocean in luminaria on Ocean Beach, San Francisco to mark the one month anniversary of the Tsunami.

2004 – Antiwar examples of my “End The Occupations” Giant Outstallation Art, displayed in Art Gallery of Ontario

2003 – Created Peace Sanctuary , Giant Outstallation Art, at Woodbine Beach, Toronto to highlight the suffering brought upon the children of Iraq through United Nations’ economic sanctions

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