The Peoples' Mayor ~ Syed For Toronto

City Hall: Insider – Outsider

After running for a Toronto City Council Seat in the 2006 Municipal Election in the Trinity-Spadina ward 19 race, HiMY SYeD was called,

“The Ultimate Insider-Outsider”

by one of his eventual 2010 Council opponents.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because by attending as many City Hall related sessions, meetings and committee meetings, HiMY has:

  • Observed how Councillors and The Mayor operate to gets things done, delayed, passed or permanently limbo’d
  • Become familiar in depth with Toronto City Council parliamentary procedures. Not simply by way of a theoretical understanding of how Robert’s Rules of Order is supposed to work on paper, nor what the City’s own Municipal Code Chapter 27 tells us. But the reality of how our 45 elected officials actually make the rules work for them…and sometimes, for the Greater Good of The Community.
  • Has asked as many constituents as possible if they are happy with the decision of Council or Committee immediately after the vote, their public deputation, in the Hallways outside of Council Chambers and Committee Rooms.
  • Has an intimate understanding of the reality that dealmaking/horsetrading is a fact of life and is the reality on the ground in getting anything done at City Hall. Beyond simply understanding, HiMY has learned the language and the currency of how to do the dealmaking and horsetrading.
  • Identified the key bottlenecks in communication breakdown between Council and the People.
  • Identified the kinds of specific City Council and Mayor’s Office Acupuncture needed to relieve the institutional frustration which The Community is feeling.
  • Learned, Amalgamation is incomplete. Every Session of Toronto City Council essentially is re-writing the rules, subconciously, of how our City Hall works. Only by attending Council in person, will one be able to understand the City Hall that is yet to come.


Since 2002 – Has attended as many of the following as possible:

  • Full Toronto City Council meetings/sessions – Even to the point where it is acknowledged HiMY has a ‘spot’ in Council Chambers in the second to top row in the west side seating of the Public Gallery
  • Committee meetings – All of them.  Be it the Executive Committee and everything else on down
  • Community Council Meetings – The heartbeat of City Hall is also in the Civic Chambers of Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke
  • Public Consultations – Everything from TTC to Building re-zonings, Park re-design and re-development, Cycling related infrastructure, Street furniture to name the more recognizable ones


  • 2006 – Submitted nomination and made public deputation to Toronto City Council in seeking appointment as temporary fill-in City Councillor for Trinity-Spadina Ward 20. The incumbent had vacated her Council seat to seek an elected office in another level of government
  • 2006 – Semi-Finalist in the CityIdol Civic Engagement project.
  • 2006 – Ran for Toronto City Council in Trinity-Spadina Ward 19
  • 2010 – January 4: Became first unincumbent to file nomination to run for Toronto City Council. Filed to run in Trinity-Spadina Ward 19.
  • 2010 – May 25: Withdrew nomination for Toronto City Council. Filed nomination to become The Peoples’ Mayor of The City of Toronto
  • Has represented the People of Toronto in various World Forums
  • In 2006 at the World Urban Forum in Vancouver
  • 2010 – March/April – Represented The People of Toronto in the United Nations’ World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. No Toronto City elected official was present. As a Candidate for Council at that time, made personal global connections with Mayors, Urbanists, City Visionaries.
  • Having NOT yet been elected has allowed me to understand City Hall from a voter’s perspective, a taxpayer’s perspective, a citizen’s perspective.

HiMY SYeD ~ The Peoples’ Mayor ~ It’s About Time, Toronto needs an Insider-Outsider Mayor

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