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Peoples’ Mayor HiMY SYeD “Vision 2020 – Another Toronto IS Possible” Twenty Year Urban Strategy embracing Mobility, Sustainability, Identity Where everyone feels and says, ” We Belong ” ” We Belong, Here ” Vision 2020 – Another Toronto IS Possible – MOBILITY BIKE : Provide FREE Bike Rental to Toronto Convention Guests/Delegates. BIXI or Equivalent […]

Vision 2020 – Mobility – BikeCity(3)

“Vision 2020 – Another Toronto IS Possible” – Mobility – BikeCity Toronto Mayoral Candidate HiMY SYeD has informally been sharing his BikeCity Vision with cyclists and the wider community since May 25 2010, the beginning of his Campaign in becoming The Peoples’ Mayor; and prior to that from January 4, 2010 in listening to cyclists […]

May 25 2010(0)

HiMY SYeD is Candidate as The Peoples’ Mayor in the Toronto 2010 Election.

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